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Guru Smt. Janaki Sivaraman

        Janaki Sivaraman,disciple of Padmabhushan Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam was trained in Bharatha Natyam at Nrithyodaya in Chennai, India starting at the age of 6. She completed the course of 'Nrithya Visharadha.’ Janaki is the director of Nrithyashala School of Indian Dance, founded in 1986. Nrithyashala serves the Baltimore community, spreading awareness of the Indian culture, preserving the classical Indian art form of Bharatanatyam, and passing on the divine art to future generations.The dancers at Nrithyashala strive for perfection and perform extensively in and around the Baltimore community for local schools and universities, charity organizations, religious events, fundraisers, etc.
         Several talented dancers trained at Nrithyashala have received scholarships from prestigious organizations including the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, and first place awards in competitions organized by Indian Dance Educators’ Association, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Association of Indians in America, and India Forum, just to name a few. The students of Nrithyashala continue to stay connected with and appreciate their cultural and traditional roots through Bharatanatyam. Janaki is recognized today as an excellent choreographer as well as an able and committed teacher. Janaki hails from a family of ardent lovers of classical arts and music. Her aunt and uncle, Late Smt. Janaki and Dr. M.G. Ramachandran are well known cine artists in the Tamil film industry. Her grandparents, Late Sri Rajagopal Iyer and Sri Papanasam Sivan were great Tamil scholars and musicians.
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